Is devon werkheiser dating lindsey shaw dating coach raleigh nc

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It wasn't greenlit, sadly, and the actors have since moved on from Nick.

Oh yeah, and he's wired to the web 24/7, which comes in handy since he seems to wind up in wacky situations 24/7 too. Gordy School janitor who doesn't clean, Ned's adviser. Of course, a few survival tips definitely come in handy now and then. Although a little girly, he wants to help the kids. Moze is a smart, funny and totally insecure seventh grader. Ned calls him "a great teacher" probably in part because he doesn't punish Ned like all the others. Ran for three seasons and ended in 2007 with a TV Movie.According to Devon Werkheiser, a pilot was shot in 2008 about a sequel series in High School.

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