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But the penalty – deleting one’s social media accounts forever and not agreeing to any Fit Fab Fun Boxes or Diffeyewear endorsement deals – just wasn’t an option. Bask in the glory that the viewing audience knows you are money.He must face the women and their wrath with his pale head held high and his silver fox hair perfectly coiffed.” Okay, so that’s more than one sentence and I have no idea if I properly used “transitive property of congruence” correctly. Watch as tears flow like rain, threatening the integrity of each and every false eyelash. The episodes are traditionally fifty percent “let’s take a look back” footage, twenty-five percent “what is she wearing?Krystal retaliates with a fervent reminder, dropping F-bombs left and right. She claims that she was upset and hurt and “in the moment, I said BLEEPY things.” What darling Krystal didn’t expect was the top secret footage of an angry Krystal calling the women the disgusting term Caroline reminded her of and deeming Arie a BLEEP BLEEP. And Bib asks the question we’ve all been wondering: “Did you see his BLEEP? We Belong Together — Mariah Carey Krystal knows that she wanted to take control of the moment (duh) and blames her lack of manners on not having a safe home environment growing up. He admits that there are things he would do differently. ” he answers, “A lot.” Then he recommends that we all lead with our hearts. Jar of Hearts — Christina Perri This is when Caroline commandeers the moment.Does Caroline not remember mocking Krystal and her voice? Krystal claims she lost her voice the week before filming. Stress that collected into a swirling vortex of nuclear capacity at the now infamous bowling date. So basically, she apologizes for having a rough childhood. Arie sulks out onto the stage looking green as a bean. He barely looks at Tia when he gives her the closure she needs to hear: “I like Kendall more than you.” If I Only Had a Brain — Harry Connick, Jr. She waits for the audience to reach an eerily calm tone. I don’t understand, but I hope you found what you are looking for.” See?That must be why they keep the temperature in the studio so icy cold.It’s a mixture of both a thermostat thing and an ex-girlfriend thing. I bet he carefully considered breaking his contractual obligation to face a panel of women he kissed at least once in a three-week period.The good news is that her homeless brother saw her on the show and has made a move to rejoin the family. Dignified Woman — Amos Lee Seinne looks GORGEOUS in her white weirdo dress and straight locks. Jacqueline wants everyone to know that Arie didn’t dump her because she wanted to pursue her Ph. Then she looks at Arie with pools of tears welling in her eyes and says: “I know what you did. Isn’t this proof that something most dramatic will be going down next week?Even though she gets emotional watching her walk down Memory Lane, she understands that she didn’t have the deep relationship that Arie had with the other women. She’s also proud of all her accomplishments in life and wants the men of the world to not find her intimidating. Heartache — Dixie Chicks Arie waltzes out onto the stage looking cool as a cucumber. Why else would Caroline be so emotional and passionate and dramatic? ” It appears Arie is seconds away from tearing up his contract with ABC, grabbing his woman, and spending the rest of his life on a marijuana farm without cell phone service.

His ability to remain silent in moments of extreme uncomfortableness is a gift. This is the first year that so many individuals receive a boisterous welcome from the audience of women and men wearing Hamburglar masks and “FOUND” t-shirts showcasing Baby Bekah’s face.Seinne wants all the little girls who look like her to be proud of her time on Young Love — The Judds Baby Beks is tired of America questioning her age and marriage readiness. You can tell because it’s totally legal for her to go on national television showing a generous amount of under boob. Can you get beyond the heart that was torn into little bitty pieces? This can’t be that Arie merely picks Lauren or Kendall over Becca. I Knew You Were Trouble — Taylor Swift Krystal asks Harrison if she can come sit with Arie on the couch. Her nodes miraculously return in this moment as she baby talks to her former beau that she felt their good-bye was very cold. Arie explains that he was disappointed that she was one way with him and another way with the girls. Arie complains that Krystal’s mouth got her in trouble. And please don’t worry about her earlobes adopting a permanent droop from the huge earrings. Bekah is mad at Tia for being ageist and feels that Arie was more insecure about him being too old for her than her being too young for him. There’s some sort of wrong-doing that Arie is going to regret, but he will fall back on the “I followed my heart” spiel. Arie: Looking back, I think that the feeling was pretty appropriate. The comments she made were both hurtful to him and to the women in the house. And she felt like he dangled a carrot with the whole bowling date train wreck. It’s hard and she didn’t like that she had to compete with other girls. Harrison steps up, pokes the bear by saying, “And he doesn’t know about the BLEEP BLEEP comment.” Awwww yeah! Also, the people who make fun of her being 22-years-old are annoying. She’s So High — Tal Bachman Because Our Host is good at his job, he asks Baby Bekah to explain how she was considered a missing person back in the fall. Oh, and their relationship dragged on longer than it should have, which is sad because he felt like they had a good thing. Bekah thinks this is hilarious and quickly tells the story of coming home after filming and wanting to chill with friends on a farm. There was no phone service, so for seven days, her mom didn’t know her location. When she left the marijuana farm, she called her mom and celebrated her lack of abduction. Harrison hands Beks his phone and asks her to call her mother to see if she knows where Bekah is now. Tia’s beef with Arie is that she was ready to commit to a relationship that will end in a proposal, yet Arie chooses someone who clearly is waffling over her own, to use Bekah’s term, marriage readiness. The Power of Love — Celine Dion Chris practically soft ball tosses Tia an opportunity for her to set herself up as a contender to be the next bachelorette.

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