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These vehicles have a top speed less than many highway maximum speed limits, and some may not be street-legal without restrictions.

My idea was really simple: I would make a circuit that would fully discharge each of the batteries while measuring how much energy it produced (displayed in Joules and in Watt-Hours.

I had an Arduino and an LCD panel left over from a different project so I thought I’d make a standalone unit.

As the design evolved, I let two additional features creep in: Note: This was never intended to be a scientific instrument to measure how long a battery would power your circuit - it’s designed to provide a relative comparison of different batteries using a similar load.

Obviously, lower is better: There’s a difference of over 9X between the best value (RS Power Ultra) and the worst value (Panasonic Evolta).

I’ve posted the schematic, source code and results files on Git Hub.

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