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Amid the many emotional reactions that followed was one particularly painful question: What should be done with the juvenile remains in the ground?

Last month, a team of forensic experts assembled by Katherine Zappone, Ireland’s minister for children, issued a report that presented several possible answers, but not before noting the “unprecedented” challenges.“The group has not identified any directly comparable cases, either nationally or internationally, that involved the complexities of commingled juvenile human remains, in significant quantities and in such a restricted physical location,” the report said.

The report’s suggestions have offended the likes of Peter Mulryan, who spent the first few years of his life in the Tuam home and was eventually handed over to a foster father who beat and exploited him.

He learned, only recently, that he had a half sister who died at the home in 1950s and that her remains, presumably, are commingled in the site’s unconsecrated ground.“Awful, insulting,” Mr. “How would any of those doing the report like it if one of their siblings was being treated like that?

The most ambitious would be to conduct a forensic exam of most of the site, including its car park and grassy playground; exhume all relevant human remains; and do exhaustive DNA testing for possible identification.

Even in its no-nonsense prose, the report revealed the emotional complexities of the nearly primal matter that the Irish government faces — a matter touching on the profound influence of the Catholic Church on national policy, the subjugation of women, respect for the dead and proper redress for human rights abuses.

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is a Goidelic language (Gaelic) of the Indo-European language family originating in Ireland and historically spoken by the Irish people.

It can all be gone over with a fine-tooth comb and the remains taken out of there.”Ms.Irish is spoken as a first language by a small minority of Irish people, and as a second language by a larger group of non-native speakers.Irish has been the predominant language of the Irish people for most of their recorded history, and they brought it with them to other regions, notably Scotland and the Isle of Man, where Middle Irish gave rise to Scottish Gaelic and Manx respectively.Those suspicions were confirmed last March by forensic investigators working for the Commission of Investigation Into Mother and Baby Homes, which had been established by the chastened government in response to Ms. The commission is charged with examining the social and historical reasons for these institutions, to which Irish society had long relegated vulnerable, unwed mothers and their children. Zappone, meanwhile, dispatched a panel of technical experts who eventually developed the five options.They reported that the considerable complications included the amount of juvenile remains and their commingling, which would make individual identifications difficult, and the potentially limited yield of DNA tests.

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