Intimidating sports venues

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Minneapolis officials should undertake a serious effort to craft legally defensible alternatives, rather than leave an apparently unenforceable law on the books.

By design, they tend to be educated, affluent professionals craving an urban lifestyle that includes the excitement of a nightlife powered by bars, theaters and restaurants along Hennepin Avenue and in the bustling North Loop. These are the early warning signs that can signal greater trouble in the future.Cahill said that his standing order can be changed, but that to his knowledge no such request has been made. Other efforts to help those with addictions should continue, but having created a neighborhood, city officials now have an obligation to ensure that public drunkenness is dealt with effectively. Aggressive panhandling is not benign, and it often is committed by individuals with mental-health problems and addictions.There have been reports of panhandlers confronting individuals and demanding money, even chasing them for “donations.” It is possible that more narrowly targeted laws, aimed at harassing behavior or specific locations, such as near ATMs and transit stops, could survive legal scrutiny.“There are a lot more guns now than when I was a sergeant,” he said.“There are more confrontational attitudes and more defiance.” The statistical chances of being a crime victim downtown remain low, particularly for daytime workers who exercise reasonable caution with expensive devices and nighttime entertainment-seekers who leave before bar close and remain in relative control of their faculties.

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