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These queries are significant portions of the program logic.

Yet they are opaque to the language, unable to benefit from compile-time verification and design-time features like Intelli Sense.

Your application is then free to manipulate the objects while LINQ to SQL stays in the background tracking your changes automatically.

Together, the LINQ to SQL run-time infrastructure and design-time tools significantly reduce the workload for the database application developer.

The samples in this document are shown in both C# and Visual Basic; LINQ to SQL can be used with the LINQ-enabled version of the Visual Basic compiler as well.

The first step in building a LINQ to SQL application is declaring the object classes you will use to represent your application data. We will start with a simple class Customer and associate it with the customers table in the Northwind sample database.

Modern programming languages define information in the form of objects. Objects have unique identity as each instance is physically different from another. Objects have references that identify and link instances together.

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How information is represented—the data model—is quite different between the two.Objects stand alone, existing as long as they are still referenced by another object.Rows exist as elements of tables, vanishing as soon as they are removed.Dinesh Kulkarni, Luca Bolognese, Matt Warren, Anders Hejlsberg, Kit George March 2007 Applies to: Visual Studio Code Name "Orcas" .Net Framework 3.5 Summary: LINQ to SQL provides a runtime infrastructure for managing relational data as objects without losing the ability to query.

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