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We picked the 'Trapezi' (.00 pp) or table spread as it loosely translates in English.

Basically the Trapezi is a 3 course meal that samples most of the foods on the menu.

Being the good Greek boy that I am I have never ventured out to try Greek food.

I can't help but feel inspired to try my Greeklish out recapping on our outing to the suburbs of Melbourne to visit Hellenic Republic - George Calombaris' East Brunswick eatery.

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You’ve got Underworld 3 for instance coming out, is that a theatrical release and how do you go about…?

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We perused through the menu and decided that we would take our time with lunch, after all it is one of the most enjoyable meals one can partake in.As I've said to Gianna, a good Greek girl needs to be able to make homemade tzatziki.The meat was tender and well seasoned and after trying to get through it all we were full. Our lovely waitress reminded us that we actually asked her if everything in the banquet "would be enough".Usually kritharaki is cooked with meat in a red sauce, but with seafood I found that the combination worked and it was nice to reminisce about my youth and the times my grandparents would chase me around and force me to eat all these Greek foods against my will.The Cypriot salad was also very nice, although Gianna couldn't have any with her allergies to coriander and all.

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