How to stop twitter from updating facebook

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Firstly, head on down to and pick yourself a username (you need to do this even if you’re not bothered about a vanity url). This is the long string of numbers in your Google profile url.If you don’t know what this is, visit your Google profile and copy the long string of numbers in the address bar.The method I came up with involved Twitter Feed and an app called Plusfeed by Russel Beattie that served your public Google posts as an RSS feed.It was a fab app while it lasted, but alas, Russel’s app got hammered by robots, and then Google’s pricing model made his costs go through the roof.

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However this is missing the fact that Facebook, Twitter and Linked In are very different social networks.For example, my profile url is: You’ll then be presented with your RSS feed! You can create an RSS feed for any Google user you like and subscribe to them in your normal RSS reader.This is a good way to make sure you don’t miss any cool posts by your favourite Google people.This turns Google in to a fully fledged Social Media Management tool.It allows you to selectively cross post to Google pages, Twitter, Linked In (profiles, pages & groups), Facebook (profiles, pages & groups), Tumblr and even Appdotnet.

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