How can i chat to hot aunties

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The following is the first installment (Chapter 1). Being a Muslim guy I know that circumcision is inevitable but I'm a bit concerned about this upcoming process. After finishing my school exams aunty asked me if I would go with her as she is going to visit her village following the beginning of my summer holidays. The next day we went out to the rural area of her village. Belly, "I have no problem showing his cock and balls to you but I don't think he'll agree". She puts some more shampoo on her hands and begins to wash me.

This move of Belly makes a better view for Mosrakina as my cock begins to jerk of its own pointing skyward.

Coming to the point, Rena aunty works with mummy in the office and comes to our house quite frequently.

Mummy had bought a Jeans pant for Rena Aunty, but kept it at home saying that she will come to our house and pick it up on the following Sunday.

Usually, in our house she completely closes the door and never tells me to remove my clothes, it's me who does it without saying, as it's a daily routine. I quickly remove my clothes as if nothing irregular was occurring. I look at the bathroom roof and find Mosrakina leaving hurriedly. I look down as if I don't see her or notice anything.

"Give him a nude bath today," says Mosrakina aunty sternly. After I enter the bathroom aunty tells me to remove my clothes and goes to shut the door, but she leaves it noticeably ajar. She goes out of the bathroom this time shutting the bathroom door completely. I stretch my neck up and out of the corner of my eyes I see Mosrakina standing there.

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