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The “Agent Info” tab allows you to select/upload your agent name and photo that will display in your team chats; this picture and alias will not be seen by your web-visitors, only by your colleagues and yourself.

If you use a different picture and/or alias than the ones your administrator has set up for you, your agent details will change as you move from a team chat to an ongoing chat with your website visitor. Keyboard icon Scroll over the keyboard icon to see a pop up of the keyboard shortcuts. Display Agents icon Click the agent icon to see the status of agents from your team.

The “Auto Pause” feature will automatically change your status from “Available” to “Pause” after a certain time of inactivity within the Chat Portal.

The “Auto Pause” timer should be set to a reasonable amount of time that best suits your needs — we all forget to pause sometimes, and this feature provides a safety net.

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After the account administrator has set up an agent in the Admin Dashboard, the agent will receive an email with instructions on how to login.Help icon Click the question mark to launch the Help documentation for the Chat Portal (the one you are currently reading). Clicking on the “bubble” button will hide / expand the detailed visitor information mentioned above. The icon will only appear within visitor chats (not in team chats).When you receive a chat request in the Chat Portal, the following information will be displayed: 1. Other available tabs in this list may include agent links or agent alerts (based on the options selected in the Admin Dashboard). When you receive multiple chats in your Chat Portal, you will see them all display in the visitor panel.For an introductory video to the Chat Portal click here.You can login to the Chat Portal on the Sign in page using your email address and password.

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