High five dating

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They agree, however, to get back in touch if after four years they are both still single.

Celia sent a postcard (that, unfortunately, no one can read) four years later telling Hi Five Ghost where to meet her if they are both single.

When the repairman grabs Fives, Celia is shown concern for her boyfriend when he is in trouble.

In "Rigby's Graduation Day Special", she shows concern for Fives when the Park blasts off into space.

Celia looks concerned for High Five Ghost when the Park blasts off into space.

During the finale, she and HFG hug after being apart for so long. Celia wears a light purple top and a gray, knee-length skirt. Her natural hair color is black, but she has shaved most of it off except for the top which is dyed teal.

In Hi Five Ghost's Halloween story "Going up" in the Terror Tales of the Park V episode, Fives is trying to get to Celia's floor at her apartment building while trying to get past the Elevator Repairman, who is later revealed to be a ghost haunting the broken elevator for 40 years.Unfortunately, it is unclear which restaurant she wants to meet High Five Ghost in, and so the effort was fruitless.Eventually, he finds the restaurant where Celia wanted to meet, but alas, she had already left.training provides participants with nationally recognized certification that will assist them in working with children's programs in the sport and recreation industry.Several municipalities, non for profit organizations and service providers either require or recommend HIGH FIVE certification for employment.

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