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: The Movie, but Arnold gave Helga the opportunity to take back her confession, attributing it to "the heat of the moment". : The Jungle Movie, Arnold returns Helga's feelings with a kiss of his own, after thanking Helga for her help in finding his parents and using her locket to help activate the device that releases the cure to the sleeping sickness which his parents had contracted before they could release the cure.

It's also implied at the end of the movie that he and Helga become a couple, as Arnold holds hands with Helga (although Helga continues to be hostile to Arnold in public).

Arnold Phillip Shortman (voiced by Lane Toran in seasons 1-2, Phillip Van Dyke in seasons 2–3, Spencer Klein in seasons 4–5 and Hey Arnold! Linz in the episodes, "April Fools Day" and "The Journal", and Mason Vale Cotton in Hey Arnold!

: The Jungle Movie) is the title character of the series.

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