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Jules54 I was told by my GP that my hip sarcoma was just my hip bone sticking out cut to two years later it was getting bigger so went back to GP just to get my wife off my back, the next doctor was brilliant and sent me straight to the Hospital, long story short you need a biopsy so demand to be referred to hospital. younger people are more likely to have sarcoma but it can be highly treatable not that I'm saying you have it. The lump is still there and has not increased in size by more than a few mm.

The lump is very soft and not attached to bone, which I think is probably was in your case right Munster? I don't plan on getting a autopsy after it has been there now for atleast 3 years without increasing in size and no pain or discomfort.

"The family leader wants to force them to fight it out on the Grievance Settling Platform." In the world of cultivators, when two factions had an unsolvable conflict, and things hadn't reached the point where they would start killing each other, they would send their representatives to fight on the Grievance Settling Platform to resolve their grudges.

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This girl looked to be 25-26 years old, but she seemed far maturer than someone of her age. " Smiling, Chu Chunying said, "How can I even reply to such a question?

Hello Everyoneit started around 2/3 months ago i discovered a soft lump in the mid of my lower leg I went to three doctors already(plus 4 times some lump describing on just answer hehe) the last one even said that the chances he thinks its malignant are 0% but he thought me after not being reassured by 3 gps i could chose to remove it just to ease my mindalso that he said soft tissue sarcomas are rare and especially on the place where my lump ishe said it wasnt stuck to the soft tissue or the bone but for me it is non mobile so i dont understand how he can feel thathowever i am so scared reading the misdiagnosis everywhere on the web for people with soft tissue sarcomasi read most people diagnosed with it have been to atleast 3 difrent gps telling them its benignmy lump is very soft under 4 cm its seems to shrink and swell..it has swelling in the area and if i push on the lop i can feel a popping feeling under my fingeri thought maybe thats the lump moving..

I gained a lot of weight in the past months and now losing it again but i heard fast weight gain can cause cancerits very soft long oval shaped and it ''pops'' when pressed on it and depending on the way i stand/sit it is more visible or not visible at all and i also had a doc tell me it is stuck to the skin if it was then it wouldbe visible no matter how i stand/sit i think :/its not a ''gut feeling'' i have something is wrong but after i read this kind of cancer is usually missdiagnosed because gp says its a lipoma(happand to me three times)\and im 21,so should i be reassured or is it still very possible it is malignanti am kind of scared of surgery so still doubting whether i should Hello Steffy P, I noticed you hadn't had any replies yet so just thought I would come and say hello.

Venerable Spirit Butterfly really doted on this daughter of his!

On the other hand, although she was only three years older than her, Chu Chunying had experienced a lot of things.

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