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The students, being still new to 3D printing, found the project quite a challenge but in the end, they succeeded in printing a prosthesis that was comfortable for Peg as well. It took 30 tries before the children got it right due to them thinking it would merely needed to be a shaft but there was more to it than meets the eye.‘’Hiss’’ Majesty The Lizard is located at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago.

This sixteen-year-old lizard lost one of his legs to cancer but a team of 3D designers and vets teamed up to create this lizard a new custom prosthetic limb.

Even though dogs can live with three legs, Warlow, his owner, reached out to students from the 3D printing club of the University of Missouri and challenged them to create Tucker a 3D printed functional paw.

The students took on the challenge and created a 3D file from a cast that was made of Tucker’s paw.

Before Sonic’s new paw gets 3D printed, the students first took a look at Sonic’s other paw’s movements without a prosthesis.

By looking at how Sonic moved while wearing a prototype, the students could compare it to his movements without the prototype.

By sedating the animal, a proper scan can then be made with a 3D scanner.

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Find out in what cases and for what issues this process can be useful.Before using 3D printing, the people at the Mall of America tried adding weights to Seemore’s shell but they kept coming loose because of the effects of salt water and because Seemore herself found them uncomfortable.When 3D printing the shell, students had thought of using materials that were comfortable and could withstand the salt water, rocks, and other creatures.The prostheses we did have back then would often cause more harm than good because they might haven’t fit properly and thus damaged the growth or motoric system of an animal.In most cases it was recommended the animal to be put down because the costs would be too high to find a fitting prosthesis – or, there wasn’t a fitting prosthesis available for the said problem.

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