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Once you’ve defined your brand and started to build high quality properties, it will take both time and continued effort to establish authority for these sites.In this case, “authority” refers to how much value and relevance search engines assign to a site.

If the is unavailable, choose the “.net” or “.org”.

In this case, “the worst” means that your name and personal information are associated with websites from the Friend Finder Network and that this information is one of the top search results for your name when someone googles you.

The best defense against this is to make sure that other relevant and positive content that you control pushes this undesirable content farther down in search results.

flies in the face of expectations and assumptions about what privacy means online.

As we’ve seen with previous hacks like the So whether you were one of the 412 million users whose login credentials were recently exposed, a victim of another security breach, or just can’t stand the idea of a random individual or group of people making your private information public, what this hack exposed about online privacy is relevant to you.

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