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I was shocked, as I thought that couldn’t be true.’So far, they have no idea what happened to Tom’s money.‘My son received a £150,000 death in service payment from the NHS – to this day, we have not had a penny from his estate.He’d be heartbroken as he left everything to his two young nieces to pay for their education.‘We were taken in by her – she was utterly convincing as a caring person.Gill rang the police, who eventually nailed the fraud.What they found was staggering: a deception worth at least £4,055,329 in total, which included £63,000 from the Bishop of Wakefield’s Fund for education and ministerial training.Box, the court heard, had spent thousands on designer clothes and vintage wines, flew her family and friends away on exotic holidays, paid £800 a night to stay at The Ritz during shopping sprees at Harrods and gave her sons a £100,000 pleasure boat.The SRA, which investigated the case, now believes the true extent of her fraud, which stretched for nearly a decade and a half, may be closer to £10 million.Yet those sitting in the packed public gallery might have been forgiven a moment or two of puzzlement or even outright shock as this pillar of the community took her seat in the dock.Because, for all her kindly demeanour and seeming modest attire, 68-year-old Linda Box has today been branded Britain’s most ruthless grandmother after abusing her position as a former member of the Law Society to siphon more than £4 million from grieving families.

She revealed she would buy up to three of the same designer clothes items, and had sought help from her GP about her ‘obsession’.

Indeed, Box was held in such high regard that she even acted for the Church of England, administering huge sums of money on behalf of the Bishop of Wakefield – and, as it would turn out, on behalf of herself.

She would later be found to have defrauded the estates of four vicars and even stole the proceeds from the sale of a convent to help fund her ‘obsession’ with designer clothes.

‘He advised the Government on medical matters and had a brilliant, worthy future ahead.‘When he died, we went to see Linda Box after she was described to us as “the absolutely perfect solicitor” who did charitable work for the Church.‘Tom had been selling one property and buying another at the time of his death.‘We stepped into her office and the walls were filled with her family photos. I began crying as I talked about Tom, and she got up from her chair, brought over a box of tissues, put her arms around me, held my hand and said, “I am a mum of two sons and I can’t imagine how you feel.

You must not worry, I will do everything I can to help.”‘That made me feel better and I said to David, “Thank God we have got her.”‘At one point, when we asked how things were progressing, she said Tom was in debt.

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