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But Heath — I mean, my anonymous source — said it’s not every weekend.

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Outside Quebec, it’s grown wildly in popularity in the last few years, with poutine purveyors like Smoke’s spreading across Canada. You can still get the traditional — French fries covered in cheese curds and gravy.

306-653-3633 2nd Ayden Kitchen & Bar 3rd Carver’s Steakhouse 4th The Granary 5th Cut Casual Steak & Tap Big upset in this category — Not!!!

I’d have to go back into the archives, but I’m pretty sure the Keg has owned this category since we started Best of Food & Drink in the mid-2000s. 306-384-7444 2nd Fionn Mac Cool’s 3rd The Yard & Flagon Pub 4th Winston’s English Pub & Grill 5th Choices STM O’Shea’s snagged top spot in this category for something that’s not even a full-time menu item.

So how about a round of applause to all the staff at all the places that serve fries for the hard work they do. 306-653-8883 2nd Ayden Kitchen & Bar 3rd O’Shea’s Irish Pub 4th Congress Beer House 5th Leopold’s Tavern While The Yard & Flagon grabs all the accolades, and deservedly so as they’ve practically owned this category since we started Best of Food & Drink, I’d like to take a moment to salute the United States Department of Agriculture.

See, way back in 1941 at the Presque Isle station in Maine, USDA scientists developed the Kennebec potato that the Yard & Flagon uses for its fries.

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