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These large protected open spaces are created by the layout of the buildings and are intended for use by all residents of the developments.Different housing types (single-family, two-family, multiple-family) are often mixed rather than separated as is done in conventional development Streets Street patterns are one of the most important elements in establishing the neighborhood character of a residential community.

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Frequently, PUDs take on a variety of forms ranging from small cluster of houses combined with open spaces to new and developing towns with thousands of residents and various land uses.

Local streets serve only residences and have a low traffic volume, while collector streets connect local streets to arterials, which are the major routes of travel throughout a PUD.

Sidewalks and Pedestrian Ways Sidewalks and pedestrian ways of PUDs supplement and complement street systems in establishing the character of the neighborhood.

Residential properties in PUDs are by far the most numerous and occupy the largest land areas.

PUDs tend to incorporate single-family residential uses within close proximity to two-family units and multiple-family dwellings to form a larger diversified neighborhood concept.

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