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A study of 2015 pay data found that women made up only 14 percent of executive-ranking jobs, allowing men to control the boardrooms in most firms. Some large companies have already released reports, with HSBC Holdings, the largest British banking and financial institution, reporting the widest gap, at 59 percent.

More than 2,300 women are pushing forward with a lawsuit claiming one of Wall Street’s largest banks discriminated against them on grounds of gender, after a federal judge gave the green light to their action.

That gap widens even more when discretionary bonuses are taken into account, stretching the imbalance to 72 percent. law that requires companies with more than 250 employees to disclose pay disparities.

She cited as an example an expert’s report that female vice presidents and associates were on average paid a respective 21 per cent and 8 per cent less than their male counterparts.

The Government has set a deadline of April 4 when all organisations with 250 staff or more are expected to publish their gender pay gap figures.

More than 1,000 organisations have already published gender pay gap statistics, with Government data showing around three in four are paying male employees more than female colleagues.

They said: 'At Goldman Sachs we pay women and men in similar roles with similar performance equally.'However, the real issue for our firm and many corporations is the under-representation of women and diverse professionals both in magnitude and levels of seniority.'We have made some progress, but we have significant work to do, and we, as leaders of our firm, are committed to doing this critical work.'A median basis of Goldman Sachs International's hourly gender pay gap - which takes the middle number from the highest and lowest earners in the company - revealed a 36.4 per cent hourly gender pay gap.

Meanwhile the UK branch, which employs 1,600 staff, had gender pay gaps of 16.1% and 19.7% on mean and median basis.

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