Going about dating swedish men

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While it's not an exclusively Swedish term, Kathy says that from conversations with friends, the concept of ghosting is unusually common here."In other countries, I found it easy to tell if a guy was interested or not.

Kathy's tips are backed up by counsellor Veronica Lax, who works at Turning Point in Stockholm, where she offers couples therapy as well as ' Love and Confusion' workshops primarily aimed at the international community, while a colleague runs a year-long group aimed at international men.

I live in a small village and see lots of lonely people," says psychologist and author Ingrid Tollgerdt-Andersson, whose book ' Relationships: Heaven or Hell? Swedes typically place a lot of importance on privacy and independence, factors which contribute to the high proportion of single households and the difficulty in forming non-romantic relationships and making friends.

They also affect dating culture in the Nordic country – or rather, the lack of it, according to many frustrated expats.

I was planning to stay [in Sweden] long-term so I made sure to let him know; Swedes might feel too awkward to ask those hard questions.

"It's the same when it comes to having 'the talk' to define your relationship.

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