Giuliana depandi dating

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The surprising diagnosis resulted in a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery.

Then, as their medical challenges were drawing to a close, their outlook began to improve.

Bill’s background is in development and real estate.

A visionary with a keen eye for what “can be,” his passion is transforming an existing property into something functional and beautiful.

After undergoing a surgery on October 2011, she resumed to work at E! It is commendable that the couple was motivated to have a baby despite Rancic’s condition and planned for the baby through surrogacy.That passion played an instrumental role in the home’s architectural details and led him to rework components that had already been constructed.Case in point: the slate countertops originally specified for the kitchen.Duke’s arrival was highly anticipated, not only by his parents but also by millions of fans.Giuliana and Bill’s touching experience has been a recurring headline in celebrity news since 2011, although not in the manner of a plot scripted for the purpose of publicity. A struggle with infertility led the pair, married in 2007, to in vitro fertilization, where a routine procedure discovered the then 37-year-old Giuliana had breast cancer.

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