Girlfriend got fat after dating

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As some of you may know, I recently embarked on a f*ckboy spring cleaning.

I got rid of all the men that had been bringing me down for the past couple of years.

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He'd come over on weekends, and we'd lie around together f*cking and watching movies. I realized I had a ton of energy that was just kind of nowhere to go.

I love her smile, her nature, her personality, her warmth and wisdom. I’m sure I’ve contributed to her unhappiness, but most of her unhappiness has been related to external forces. But at what point do you look at yourself and say ‘I’m fat and I’m going to change it’? I've been jumping from one to the other for what seems like forever.

She can read it from the pages of our diminished, one-dimensional, very occasional,sex life.

I'm not just looking to cut body fat -- I also want to "trim the fat" by getting rid of negative vibes, friends with questionable intentions and my own emotional spirals.

I’m not going to let myself be that girl who sits around eating Ben and Jerry’s half-baked while f*cking crying through “The Notebook.” I’m going to keep taking care of myself -- hell, I’m going to take care of myself more than I ever have -- and be the best me I can possibly be.

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