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Chevalier changed his relationship status to "single" on Facebook, but Davidson kept her relationship status listed as "engaged" on Facebook.The two continued to swap public messages on the social network, but many of Davidson's posts seemed more despondent than the messages she had posted earlier in the year.An Introductory Course Includes: 1.5 hours on-demand video 1 Supplemental Resource Full lifetime access Access on mobile and TV Certificate of Completion This course is about changing the wron...NORTH ANDOVER, MA -- Not long after he was released from a New Hampshire prison in December, Brian Chevalier posted a profile on Zoosk, an online dating site. H., didn't post many details, only to say he had attended college, he was Christian, he did not smoke, he was 5 foot 7 inches, and had an average build. When a friend commented on the post that Davidson and Chevalier "move fast," she wrote "When you both know, then you know! " another friend asked in the comments of the post. The crime he is accused of has gruesome parallels to the details from a December 2003 incident in which Chevalier tortured and threatened to kill an ex-girlfriend.I'm new to this Facebook thing so I don't really pay much attention to it so sorry for the long delay in my reply," he wrote in response. Tell everyone I said hello and send my love." Chilling Similarities On Tuesday, Patch reported on Chevalier's 2004 conviction that led to his nearly 14-year prison stint. H., house of a woman he had briefly dated and attacked her when she got home from work. At trial and in a later appeal, Chevalier unsuccessfully tried to argue the woman had an interest in sexual bondage and that the sex was consensual.

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Shortly after he joined Zoosk, he began exchanging messages with 49-year-old Wendi Davidson of North Andover. Chevalier was convicted of kidnapping in 2004 and served 14 years of a 33-year sentence before being paroled last year.

" Davidson posted on Facebook when she announced the engagement on social media. Now Chevalier sits in a California jail, awaiting extradition back to Massachusetts to face charges he strangled Davidson last weekend, hid her body in the basement of her North Andover home, then fled to California.

She did a deeper search into his past and learned all the lurid details of the crime he had been convicted of.

In late March or early April, the friend said, Davidson tried to cool things off with Chevalier and called off the engagement.

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