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The learning process begins with a set of simple learning goals that require a few learning objects and as the educational process proceeds, the student has to achieve higher learning outcomes that combine other low level outcomes which have been already achieved.

The system is able to adapt to student’s learning profile and progress by applying proper learning tactics to prioritize through a weight calculation scheme the sequence of the learning outcomes to achieve.

Gabriel Wyner has raised over 0,000 on Indiegogo for his Fluent Forever app. Reach Us Here: Doug- @DJDoug Strickland- @Nice Guyon [email protected]_Forever Show Notes by Show Producer: Anna Nygren Where there's a will, there's a way and Gabe Wyner found his.

After several failures when it came to learning a language, this opera singer began to uncover the mental mechanics behind language learning.

Through his research, he's discovered how to make your studying time more efficient and proved that you can be fluent, forever.

The publication notes that his wealth is mostly ‘self made’, with the exec boasting a ‘self-made score’ of 8, which means he is ‘Self-made who came from a middle- or upper-middle-class background’.

There are many pupils with reading difficulty in Japanese schools.

The dyslexia is the disability about reading and writing texts.

The method takes into account three different viewpoints: a viewpoint centred on the LMS macro-HMIs (Human-Machine Interfaces), a functional viewpoint and a micro viewpoint.

We concretely illustrate the proposed method about the Moodle platform.

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