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There’s absolutely nothing good to say about Fuck Book Hookups.com, from the name to the lack of women to the complete and total unusable nature of the website—or to the fact that there are actually some positive reviews out there that were OBVIOUSLY written by someone paid to say nice things about the terrible site. When we were writing our Fuck Book Hookups review, we were disgusted with how little effort this site makes to look presentable. Fuck Book makes a name for itself by being all about “the site where you can look and touch before meeting up,” but it’s really way more about trying to get you to pay for additional services than it is about getting you to hook up. They want to do video chat with you…for a small fee.They want to do a webcam for you…if you’ll click on the link and watch their stream on another site.While he is sitting on the bench an unknown girl comes into the men’s locker room.

As soon as her clothes are gone, she gets on her knees to serviced Connor’s huge massive upright manhood.

If you want to “make the most” of Fuck Book Hookups.com, you’re going to wind up paying at LEAST double the price they advertise for their memberships, and you should be warned: making “the most” of Fuck Book doesn’t mean you’re going to get laid.

It just means that you’re going to get access to some of the bonus features on the site. We’re sorry we were ever on it, but if we can keep others from falling into the same trap, we will.

Right on their front page, under the dozens of images of naked women spreading their legs, it says, “Pictures do not show actual members.

Other data for illustrative purposes only.” In other words, no, they do not have “30 million members,” as they claim right above that sentence.

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