Freetime sex chart

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Another available option to benefit from is the one that allows to configure the color of each of the drawing you put on the board, as well as the line weight (thin, regular or bold).How to draw on your diagram Andrew Pitchfork Establish profitable opportunities and swing possibilities with it.This forex plot type is not considered to be valid to take positions but rather to perform a follow-up of your Equivolume With Equivolume, you can plot price and volume activity on a single graph, instead of having volume added as an indicator on the side.This tool draws the bars following their traded volume at a precise point in time (the wider the bar, the bigger the volume).

How to add crosses indicators Once you have customized with all the options you need to analyze and trade the asset, you can save it.

It can be calculated following different mathematical concepts (Fibonacci, Gann…).

While retracements are concerned with just the magnitude of moves, Arcs factor both magnitude and time, offering areas of future support or resistance that will move as time progresses.

Here is the Candlesticks Patterns that our board will recognize and automatically points: Bearish engulfing, Bulish engulfing, Dark Cloud, Doji, Evening Star, Hammer, Morning Star, Piercing and Shooting Star.

How to add a Candlestick Patterns Recognition indicator Significative line crosses indicators system Another tool you can use is our significative line crossing systems, including crossing averages, MACD cross and over zero signal.

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