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I noticed that they are different guns, the 28 is made in Spain by Zabala Bros. I understand that the Spanish 28 received very high marks from the Editors of Field and Stream in the past and I've also heard good things about Fausti. i may be buying the 28 gauge in a week or 2 pending the sale of one of my o/u's to a friend.

I wanted a Sx S strictly for Sx S clays tournaments and even though it is a small thing, I wanted to be able to choose barrels when I had one bird of a pair in my face, and another way out there.That difference would very likely not often net me a bird or two extra as opposed to just shooting IC or MOD chokes; but for that kind of money, I wanted what I preferred.I ended up with a CZ Sharptail instead for less than half the money.Yes there were some inexpensive "Traditions by Fausti" marketed by Wal mart but no side by side sticker-ed for less than 1000 and most were 1495.00, and yes they can now be found used well under 1K. These were built to a price point and were not the quality of the Marlin.The bluing (Marlin) is top notch and the fit and finish are excellent. There is no embellishment on the receiver and there are a ton of boxlocks with faux sideplates and the marlin's is very nice.

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