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Julie was already taking birth control pills, but Mark uses a condom too, just to be safe. This "one night stand" may forever complicate matters by creating an unusually strong bond between brother and sister.

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Our jocks keep more of their earnings than on any other site!In this pragmatic outlook, the real motivations that guide behaviors are the likely and/or actual outcomes to acts. Forget the butterfly effect, did anyone notice or did anything major change?In this particular example, since birth control was used, and assuming no further social complications down the line for either brother or sister as Canadyspeak mentioned, then the consensual act is just another event in the life of.So, it seems to me, to answer whether it is wrong to have sex with your sister depends on which moral standard you subscribe to.As an atheist raised Catholic, I would say #3 is the answer, but my upbringing (#2) would prevent this from happening in the first place. To me, it's more of a personal question rather than moral.

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