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Randos shooting fetish in their basement are not going to impress me. Seriously make plans to work with me in 2018, it's genuinely saving my life.Because of my income limitations, I will gladly accept travel and accommodations as payment in exchange for unique work that we can both use commercially. Will I need to arrange my own transportation or accommodations? Let's see if we can hit 100k before the year is out I was aiming for a small studio space with high ceilings and fast net access, on a private island with nothing but libraries full of comics. and got the first two, which honestly is more than I thought I was going to find. I need to earn my max allowance just to pay my other bills and maintain my car.Right now that's a little over 20k tokens per month which is about a grand.TRAVEL NOTICESDETROIT homebase meetups BDAY party cancelled. LONDON - May 23-Jun 8BDAY TATE MEETUP eve of THURS May 24 lexspectrum protonmail com for details.may try to do another before I leave if it goes well.

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