Frances fisher who is she dating

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“I had a big wake-up call recently,” says Francesca.

She calls me and says, ‘I didn’t think anyone would find out.’ ” But the press Francesca got for that marriage — which reportedly lasted a week before it was annulled — she could do without. I’ve got a lot of proving myself to do as an actress. I want to really be good.” She’d also love to do some theater in New York and spend time living here; for now, she just visits once in a while.

“I feel a lot more clearheaded,” she says, which is what this year’s been about for her.

Frances Louise Fischer is a British American actress born on 11th of May, 1952 in Milford, Sea, and Hampshire, England.

It wasn’t until middle school that Francesca Eastwood knew that her father, Clint Eastwood, was famous.

“My dad would come to school to pick me up, and all of a sudden, the teachers were a lot nicer. I get it now.’ ” Less than a decade later, she would learn that fame is a double-edged sword, as her last name drew unwanted attention to her wild-child behavior: Clint’s daughter marries Jonah Hill’s brother in Vegas! No wonder she wasn’t sure if she wanted to follow in her parents’ footsteps (her mom is “Titanic” actress Frances Fisher, currently on the ABC show “Resurrection”).

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