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Nottinghamshire, covering Newark, were generous supporters in maintaining and expanding the network, whilst neighbouring Lincolnshire were much less so.

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The contrast between the 2 operators was a source of constant fascination, especially so with vehicle types in use.

The others were: FWU 231, FYG 809, GWT 340, GWW 292, HWR 61, HWT 531 & HWW 642 The last of these was withdrawn in 1958.

Simpsons had at least eight Bedford OBs as follows fwu 231, GWT 340, FYG 809, GWW 292, HWR 616, HWT 531, HWW 642 and JWT 848 all bought new. They also had at least four SBs 08/11/17 Destination Banner I have just bought a destination banner off a local bus but I’m not sure which route it would have been. The banner says "Stonnall via Aldridge" – anyone got any ide which route this would have been and the operator please?

Where the East Notts title does arise however is on Lincolnshire RCC vehicles based at Newark in the 1970/80’s.

This arose when NBCcompanies were increasingly reliant on local authority subsidies.

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