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Louis's shows draw me in from start to finish every time.

I just wish Louis would probe his interviewees a bit deeper sometimes (no pun intended, ok maybe a little bit intended) but overall his shows allow an insight into people you'd never meet - or would probably ever want to.

last nights show was not as good as past shows think because of the fact the others were more blunt and things not many people knew about I think we all know casinos are full of people with too much money and not enough sense – seeing that guy just put in the bills in the slots was sad – and the old lady who they even organised a wake for to keep in her in the place the look on the guys face who kept losing was gold – you could tell he was felling the pressure not a bad series – does anyone know if you can buy them at all as I issed one Louis also did a great series called 'When Louis met' (or similar) in which he mainly meets unpopular/controversial celebrities and gets to know them. He plays ignorance very well and really does get up close to his subjects and humanises them without pandering to them.

I'm not sure it's even really documentary with Louis, more just a musing around a person/place/idea.

I'd say it is his suave, yet geeky ability to rip the spit out of crazy Yanks that really cemented his success in the UK.

Watched 2 of his docos on 7 , jail and Las Vegas He seems ok but he only needed to ask and make the point once about vegas treating you nice so you will gamble.

Obviously what he did was pretty horrific, torturing people in home invasions..

Maybe because it's the first one he did.* Hypnotists - Or con men out to make a quick dollar?

If you get a chance to see any of the above, I would highly recommend it!

That said, I recall reading that the BBC have commissioned a total of 10 Louis Theroux docos between now and 2010.

The first 2 were America's Most Hated Family and Gambling In Las Vegas.

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