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Consequently, there may be some minor inconsistencies among the formats of the different country profiles. Regional/International Cooperation: No information 1. Guyana is well endowed with renewable energy resources including hydropower, biomass, solar, wind and biogas.All statistics are rendered as provided by the respective Governments. Name of Key National Sustainable Development Coordination Mechanism(s)/Council(s). The NEP reviewed energy supply mixes and recommended a shift toward further use of renewable sources of energy.Bauxite and gold in the same year accounted for a total of 46% of export earning.This demonstrates that mining maintained a strong position in Guyana's economy.Guyana has integrated in its policy on mining plans to deals with social and environmental issues arising from mining activities. Regional/International Cooperation: No information 1. The Government of Guyana now uses this as the regulatory instrument to implement environmental policy and to promote environmental management which is integral to sustainable development.In the areas of land use, the government encourages multiple land use and is in the process of finalizing a land use policy. This Act establishes the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as the institution with the mandate for coordinating environmental management and provides for the management, conservation, protection and improvement of the environment, the prevention or control of pollution and the assessment of the impacts of economic development activities on the environment.Energy Audits at various industrial and other enterprises are being undertaken.

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In 1994 gold has become the largest source of export earning accounting for 28% of the total compared to 7% in 1992.

Thus all large scale mining operations are subject to an Environmental Impact Assessment as provided for under the Environmental Protection Act. Capacity-Building/Technology Issues: No information 3. It is widely established that sustainable development cannot be achieved without an integrated approach which involves the public and private sectors and other groups. Decision-Making Structure (please also refer to the fact sheet): At the governmental level the integrated approach has been undertaken by two statutory bodies.

There is a Cabinet Subcommittee on Natural Resources and Environment which is chaired by the Executive President.

As of January 1999, leaded gasoline will no longer be imported.

The GNEA, EPA and GNBS are collaborating on a programme to ensure gasoline using vehicles are fitted with catalytic converters and with the setting of vehicle emission standards.

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