Face to face webcam to girls a mentoring needs assessment validating mentorship in nursing education

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Our bodies tend to be at least a little larger or smaller IRL than they typically appear on Instagram.

Even if no Photoshopping (sans minor lighting edits) is involved, photographs (including the photographs we're seeing in the fashion-sphere) can be very easily manipulated. The camera lens you're using, the way the light catches your chin(s), and the angles in which you tilt and twist your face and body can all affect the way someone looks in a picture.

Sometimes it's just about how much you push your chins into your neck so that all the chunky bits basically blend into one.

Years later, when I started taking my own photos with the help of my partner slash photographer, I began to see just how straightforward it is to make yourself look thinner or fatter.

In an effort to showcase how simple it is to alter your weight in images with no actual Photoshopping, I partook in a little photoshoot.

They, too, pushed their faces into the necks to determine who had the most hidden fat. But all I could notice at the time was the fact that despite all of them being incredibly thin, every single one had fat under there.

In the photo on the left, my neck and second chin are slightly concealed by my coat because sometimes all it takes to manipulate an image is to burrow yourself inside a bunch of fur.

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