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If you have read my previous post about the Birth Control Pill, then you may have been waiting for this follow up for quite a long time.And the reason it has taken be so long to write it is because frankly it has taken me awhile to figure what in the world to do, because this most certainly has been a journey.(They’re doing a lot more of this lately.) If you join while the sale is on, you can get 30% off the monthly price, 50% off the 6-month price, and 60% off the whole-year deal. The look on his face says he’s not actually happy finding this woman tied to his bed ready to be ravished. Happy in his pants suggests that there’s another opinion available if he wants to consult the little head: Art is by Bill Ward. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: I had an unwanted and unlooked-for flashback to my adolescent days as a Gor fanboy when I saw this photograph.

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Our tight-bottomed heroine, though, is wishing they had asked for a volunteer: Artist is Filobedo.Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Check out the exhilarated glow on the faces of Vyvan Hill and Dolly Diore after a kinky public bondage sex scene filmed in a bar in Budapest for Kink Unlimited. First off, I want to tell you that I have received and overwhelming response from all you readers in regards to my birth control pill post (if you haven’t read it go HERE).I cannot tell you how long it is going to take, because every body is different, and the duration of your time on the pill is different.But I can tell you, that you CAN normalize your hormones, you can make them yourself, but you have to plan, be diligent and invest in the process.

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