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The initial evidence list is mentioned on every form (485, 131 etc). Keep this fact in mind as many lawyers are not aware of this USCIS memo and its pretty important. I have seen some denials but all for ppl who hasn't actually completed all requirements at the time of filing. I hope that after they changed the visa bulletin on July 17, I will receive the rest of the Receipts...Also, trying to go back on H4 is not a bad idea, particularly, if the priority date is an early one. ------------------------------------ Permanent Resident since May 2002Hi, I'm very tensed. I have finished all degree requirements including depositing Ph D thesis. You could simply wait out until you get your H4(at the risk of running out of the H1 cap). I wanted to ask Sirvi that how about working with an NGO. Hello, I had to go to India due to a family emergency (death in family) in middle of my project.

the natives (only the anti-immigrants) want to cut down the tree so that no immigrant gets a mango a majority or us who are waiting patiently are the law abiding ..we wait for the mango to fall on our head rather than doing something to make the mango fall ..while waiting we fight and discuss silly issues (whether we should buy a house - how to get our maid on visa :)).The filing of 485 would be delayed by a year or 2 but atleast her status would be good when applying. She may have to travel out of US to get back into H4 status. However, at the time of filing I could not wait for a letter from the registrar (it takes 5 business days). The letter has the letterhead of the university and states that I completed all degree requirements and will graduate May 13th. you also should note that the writer does not talk about NRE / FCNR accounts at all.All that is possible if you immediately file for a Home Country Requirement waiver. Your 140 is already approved so when your date arrives to file for 485 you can file for it from Canada. You may go for councellor processing for your GC and get it outside the country.It sounds complicated, but for teachers this may be the only open route. Councellor processing might even be faster than waiting inside US at 485 stage for long times until one finally get actual GC in hand.

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