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It’s difficult, because you don’t want someone you know to go through that or do that to someone, or knowing them well, knowing that you don’t think they would, and you don’t want, for the girls that are coming forward, it’s like, are they stretching the truth?It’s just, it’s a touchy, tough thing that you pray it’s not true and that with, outside of even him, all these different topics coming up, I’m glad that there’s notice being put on it for women that are going through it.They both ended up at the same hotel at the end of the night and..one knows what happened after that.Her super affectionate behavior got the grape vine going and word got back to Ed.

I’m trying to feel, like how you asked the question.Fans thought their epic romance would never end, but the two celebs broke up after three years, in 2006, continuing to work together until the show's finale in 2007. Allegedly, she wanted to settle down, but Pacino wasn't ready at the time, so they split up.Still, they worked together for about 20 years, having to continue their professional relationship while their personal one remained rocky., and the two were even rumored to be engaged before the actress called it quits (allegedly by "ghosting" him) in June 2015.And then it’s also hard to go back and try to get evidence from things that were so long ago.So, I’m really trying to answer this as open and nicely as I can, because it is touchy, and I obviously for any of these situations, wasn’t there, for either side, so I can’t say it did or didn’t happen. [Editor's note: The BBC announced that "until these matters are resolved" they are not airing Westwick's show Ordeal by Innocence and that filming for White Gold has been put on hold.] You know, he’s like, “The truth will come out and hopefully people see that and hopefully that’s it.” It’s just such an unfortunate thing all around.

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