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Once your site is upgraded to SCCM version 1602, you need to upgrade the clients.

Upgrading the clients can be done using various ways.

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After you move a user from one server to another or if you change the users mail file name (after a user rename, or database corruption), the user's personal address book never gets updated.

The Script will exit if the database is opened locally (not on server) 2.

The Script checks the variable setting "$Update Location Document" in the file. $Update Location Document=0 This is so you can manually bypass this script via the file (eg. The Script gets the variable setting "$Date Location Modified" in the file.

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Since Notes Administrators switch to users ID files from time to time, you do want their own location document to be modifed.

It will prompt with a warning box and asks you to click OK to upgrade. The console version is 5.0.8355.1000 and site version is 5.00.8355.1000.

To monitor the console upgrade process, open the Config Mgr Admin UISetup file located on C drive.

If an update includes the Configuration Manager client, you are offered the option to test the update in pre-production, or to apply the update to all clients immediately.2.

Creating Collection and Using Client Push – You could create a collection to group the clients that need an upgrade and then using client push method you can upgrade the clients.

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