Dst not updating

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You may also wish to download a copy of the "Star GPS-NX Quick Start Instructions" which are in PDF format.General Information Star GPS-NX includes a high-performance GPS receiver and one adapter cable.

Also, if you are not using Star GPS, you can still proceed through the start-up by pressing the menu button as instructed on the keypad's display, and then proceeding to enter a location number and resuming from park or polar aligning.

GPS-6010/LX Receiver This User Manual discusses the setup and use of Star GPS products.

For additional information and tips on using the Meade Autostar and ETX/LXD telescopes I highly recommend visiting: Using Star GPS-NX This section describes how to use Star GPS-NX.

For example, for those of us in the US who might be setting up in the evening, UT may already be into "tomorrow," so tomorrow's date could be the correct entry.

Likewise, an Australian setting up his or her keypad in the morning might need to remember that it is still "yesterday" in UT.

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