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Start slowly with whatever you feel comfortable with and you should be able to tell what turns him on and what doesn't do much for him by his reactions.

Also, men tend to love when his partner lets him know what she is enjoying, so dont hesitate to moan or breathe in his ear! While he may not enjoy as much kissing as his partner past a certain point, dont forget to kiss him so that he knows hes wanted and desired.

Try paying a little attention to a mans inner thighs.

He most likely never has them touched by anything but slacks and they are incredibly sensitive to the touch! Do what prompts a positive reaction and watch him soar.

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You can use your fingers, lips and tongue to explore every area of his ear including behind the ear.

The key to good neck play is to try not to get the area too wet and avoid leaving marks.

Men may not play with their hair, but it doesn't mean that a thorough scalp massage wont feel good!

They can be gently drawn into the mouth or lightly seized between the teeth for an erotic sensation.

Always pay attention to his reaction, as it will be an unfailing way to measure his pleasure levels.

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