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To read this article in full, please click here The G7 Thin Q might not even be on shelves yet, but LG is already hawking another new smartphone, with premium specs, high-end materials, and flagship features. LG is calling its new phone the V35 Thin Q, and it's the third V phone in less than a year. Indo-Pacific Command, in a bow to America's growing connection to India and its expanding security role in the region.

First there was the V30 back in August, then the V30S Thin Q that hit shelves last month. Italy's president, who is holding and playing a key card in the nation's fast-evolving political crisis, was a timid law professor abruptly thrust into public life when the Mafia gunned down his brother on a Sicilian street in 1980.

A broken seal of a lab cuvette led an American researcher in the Netherlands to the origin of many an inexplicable result: the weather.

Or the humidity, because this determines the water concentration in oils used as solvents, which was previously thought to be negligible.

Now we have the V35, which is something of a mashup of the V30S and the G7, bringing the latest specs to the V30's notch-less OLED screen. Serbian police have prevented dozens of far-right supporters from disrupting an event designed to boost dialogue with the former province of Kosovo whose declaration of independence Belgrade does not recognize.

To read this article in full, please click here A senior North Korean official arrived in New York on Wednesday in the highest-level official visit to the United States in 18 years, as President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un sought to salvage prospects for a high-stakes nuclear summit.

This outcome means that a lot of previous research has to be re-examined, but also that chemists get a new, cheap and powerful tool.There’s a big honking notch at the top of the XL version.The bezels on the smaller model have been reduced, but they’re still pretty big.On the surface that's certainly what it appears to be.Those assets definitely look like Fallout 4 assets, so a full-on Fallout set around the mysterious Vault 76 could be one solution.

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