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Because of the infinite tape, a traditional Turing Machine has an infinite amount of time to compute any particular function or any number of functions.

In the below example, each cell is either blank (B) or has a 1 written on it. The possible outputs are: This table states that if the machine is in state one and scans a blank square (B), it will print a 1 and remain in state one.

An important part of some accounts of functionalism is the idea of multiple realizability.

Since, according to standard functionalist theories, mental states are the corresponding functional role, mental states can be sufficiently explained without taking into account the underlying physical medium (e.g.

The tape itself is infinite in length, and each cell may contain a symbol. The machine has a read-write head that scans cells and moves in left and right directions.

Thus, unlike standard versions of functionalism (often called Functional State Identity Theories), FSTs do not allow for the multiple realizability of mental states, because the fact that mental states are realized by brain states is essential.Finally, if it is in state three and reads a 1, then it will stay in state three.The essential point to consider here is the nature of the states of the Turing machine.In other words, a silicon-based machine could, in principle, have the same sort of mental life that a human being has, provided that its cognitive system realized the proper functional roles.Thus, mental states are individuated much like a valve; a valve can be made of plastic or metal or whatever material, as long as it performs the proper function (say, controlling the flow of liquid through a tube by blocking and unblocking its pathway).

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