Did stabler and benson start dating

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Just to let you know I will try to update frequently but I have a 3 yr old niece that I watch almost daily. Sometimes, even our most unspoken fantasies can come true. Elliot/Olivia Elliot's divorce was finalized two months ago. Olivia is clueless and trying to be the best buddy possible. Will our two favorite detectives be able to handle the consequences of waking up in Vegas?

so updates will be at night after she goes to bed or I'm not working then. Elliot and Olivia had twin daughters, are married, and live together. Olivia, and her daughters go to meet Elliot for lunch on his break, and see something shocking. What happens when Olivia's daughter is held at gun point at her school? With unquestionable love and trust in one another, Elliot and Olivia make this happen for each other. Finn is trying to help and keep his new girl a secret. E/O, F/Mel, A/T COMPLETEWhen it goes on it becomes a symbol of love and loyalty, a promise of forever.

Olivia - 32 Elliot - 35 Maureen - 2 They have to work together on a case, how will that turn out. You can dance in a hurricane, but only if you're standing in the eye. AU in that I don't care what's happening on the show right now. Rated Strong T for obligatory curse words and sexual situations, but not quite at an M. Elliot & Olivia are married, but not to each other. John Cena has made it very clear to his current girlfriend Nikki that he doesn't want kids! When Olivia gets pregnant with Elliot's baby and Tucker is investigating her in a bit too much detail. He was the only one that hasn't left her and she wants to keep it that way. What happens when Olivia is confronted by Maureen Stabler? Has Kathy just helped her worst enemy Olivia in stealing her husband and kids? Will Elliot be able to stop Olivia from saying 'yes? 'Peanut Butter and Smut'The young and beautiful are vanishing without a trace from Baltimore, and Gibbs' own team falls prey. E/O & in no way related at least I don't think it is to the actual Oregon storyline.

Now the two must explain the fact that they are a couple to everyone, but when Olivia finds out she's pregnant, she doesn't know if the baby's Elliot's, or her rapist's. Meanwhile, Elliot has to face his kids and sees for the first time how much he has hurt them. She won't even tell Elliot her story, afraid that she'll lose him. gonna take it slow but eventual E/O M for later chapters. A pair of familiar blue eyes at a bar send Olivia running. Sorry bad summary and the title is subject to change. R/R E/O Now with the chapter in the storage closet! What happens when Elliot finds out a secret she has kept from him for 5 years?

They deal with problems that no two work partners should ever have. A simple kiss leads to the best and worst night for both Olivia and Elliot. In this chapter, Olivia decides to take the plunge and seek Kathy out. With Olivia being beaten at home, bothered by Kathy at school, how will she deal with it? A story about loving and learning to let people in, trusting when you have lost all hope and finding the one thing you never knew you wanted. When Olivia's water breaks a few weeks too soon, and things don't go as smoothly as she'd hoped, it takes a tremendous act on the part of her husband to keep her calm and comfortable, something that can only be described as a labor of love. Olivia woke up and found his note, but what happens when he come back wanting to explain but figures out there is a small complication..had his baby. Elliot and Olivia meet the day before they were supposed to at work. And what happens when they see each other again the next day and find out they're going to be partners. A/UOlivia was in Oregon for 5 years & returned a few weeks earlier, but no-one has seen her.

But when Olivia ends up pregnant it change's their situation and relationship as a whole. Elliot comes to Olivia's apartment one night and tells her he loves her. Kathy disappears leaving the children without a mother. Drama, fights, gossip, lies, secrets, confessions, violence, and love. What began as a one night stand, quickly turned into a night that would change his life forever. E/OElliot left Olivia in bed after they slept together. E/O Set in the beginning of their second year, and a bit AU, kids-wise. He grabbed the locket he'd given her on her birthday, about three mouths before they fell apart. Elliot leaves Olivia in an attempt to help her, but only ends up hurting them both, Will a locket fix them?

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