Diablo 3 updating blizzard

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With action-packed gameplay and brand new opportunities for players and organizers to get involved, the stories forged in the arena this year will never be forgotten.

Assemble your team and queue up; glory awaits for those who want it most! Community-run tournaments directly impact which teams end up in the Arena World Championships, as all approved community-run events award points. Here’s what you should do: read the guide, fill out the application form and send it to us. In-person events create incredible broadcasts and offer tremendous value to the entire competitive community.

Will Europe continue their domination and claim the crown of Arena World Champion for the fifth year in a row, or will the other regions step up and take them down?

The action at the World Championship Finals can get chaotic in an instant.

The best Wo W Arena players from around the globe compete all year in the Arena World Championship, hoping to prove themselves in battle and earn their spot at the World Championship Finals in late 2018.

One team will walk away from the Finals as Arena World Champions, and their share of the 0,000 prize pool.

China, Asia Pacific, and Latin America will be hosting regional events of their own, with full details to be shared later on in the year as we approach those events.

All of the different regional championships are live LAN events, with players playing on stage instead of from home.

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The first two seasons of the year each end with the Seasonal Championship, a live LAN event where the top 4 teams from both Europe and North America travel to compete against each other.

The winner of each Seasonal Championship earns an automatic spot in the World Championship finals.

Regional Championships Things really start to heat up once we get to the Regional Championship stage!

Players competing in both the North American and European Regions can qualify for the Seasonal Championships by earning AWC Points through Blizzard Arena Cups and sanctioned community tournaments!

Community tournaments that are approved to award points will be listed in the schedule on this website.

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