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I'm bi, and live currently with my boyfriend and son. Let's talk about romance first, that's why we are all here. But what the heck, I moved back to my small hometown from Ottawa, yep I kinda feel secluded here since I’m in I am probably one of the most loyal and sincere males on here but trying to get females on web site to believe on web site is almost impossible. I think being close t I'm not really actively searching, but wouldn't mind a friend to hang out with now and then.Your profile picture is the only thing they’re checking for. Men don’t take it as seriously as women, they’re picture surfing.

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Tired of the thirsty niggas at the club and bars— Crank that You don’t self deprecate on a dating site, you make yourself look like a god.You’re a perfect man who loves everything and plays every sport, has read every book and seen every movie.Now the first date isn’t about getting to know more about him, it’s about figuring out what was bullshit and what was real. “Oh I’m so busy with work, I can’t meet anyone with this schedule” You’re not that damn busy. Do you really want to listen to Travis Porter that bad or are you afraid to go to an establishment where you don’t get patted down at the door?In the time you took to fill out that questionnaire you could have been dressed, out the door, and meeting your friends for drinks. You want to shop for boyfriends like you shop for shoes. Wack ass city, wack ass club, wack ass DJ’s, wack ass men… You don’t live under Jim Crow law; you can go anywhere you want to– you are in that club because you chose to go to that club. So where do you go after you drive pass the new place and your friends call it corny?

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