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Since then, the country has expressed its independence by developing a national identity based on Melanesian kastom.It's a colorful land of many cultures, full of fascinating surprises.You'll be moved and touched by the friendliness, warmth, and sincerity of the ni-Vanuatu.

In 1980, this string of lush green islands was transformed from the ponderous Anglo-French New Hebrides Condominium into the Ripablik Blong Vanuatu.

It's the shocking Coronation Street story-line that has left viewers upset and disturbed.

But while some fans of the soap have lauded the veteran tea-time show for addressing the topic of male rape, the complaints have continued to flood in to Ofcom from those finding it too much to stomach.

No other South Pacific country harbors as many local variations.

The glamorous duty-free shops, casinos, hotels, resorts, and gourmet restaurants of the cosmopolitan capital, Port Vila on Efate Island, contrast sharply with unchanging, traditional villages just over the horizon.

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