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Giving her evidence, Jeff’s mother said that at the news of the date, Jeff had ‘visibly wilted’.

She said she felt he had been keen to get treatment, but had been dismayed at the time it was taking.

David Bowie and David Jones are two totally different people" -- told fellow supermodel Naomi Campbell in 2013 that shunning the limelight was intentional.

Nick 13 also did back up vocals on the album D For Deliquent by Loose Change that contained Jade Puget after Jade was in Influence 13 and before he joined AFI.

Nick also joined Davey Havok in the Son of Sam project (featuring members of Samhain and Danzig) doing back up vocals and will appear on the Blaqk Audio (a side project by Davey Havok & Jade Puget) "Cex Cells" album.

Mr Ellery said the report had “reflected” his own concerns over Jeff’s care, but said he “could not say” whether an earlier appointment would have prevented Jeff’s death.

In his verdict, Mr Ellery said: “While an earlier medical review was appropriate, it was not carried out.

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