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The southwest side of Urk, which rose perpendicularly out of the sea, was called het Hoge Klif ("the High Cliff").

As part of the so-called Dutch "Bible belt", a vast majority of election votes go to the three Christian parties in the Netherlands, SGP, Christen Unie and CDA.North of the boulder clay highland of Urk, the Vecht river flowed into the Almere, while the river IJssel with tributaries flowed into the south of Urk.As the climate became warmer during the Middle Ages, the sea level rose; and since the Ice Age ended the Netherlands and around have been slowly steadily sinking because of forebulge effect.During the 13th century (and especially after a large storm in 1282) the Zuiderzee formed, and the water round Urk suddenly became tidal sea.Because there was no sea defence, in the course of time large pieces of the island were eroded away.

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