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Pieces of silverware with rare town marks are now very collectible and command high prices when they come on the market.Today the only assay offices that are left open for silver hallmarking are London, Birmingham, Sheffield, Edinburgh, and Dublin. The alphabet cycle is used to indicate the date of manufacture.Silver-plated chalice with lions heads holding 6 large faux bone handled dinner knives lovely conditionmade viners ltd sheffield stamped appointment late king george v. If this is not possible then you must contact me before VINERS OF SHEFFIELD STUDIO DESIGN 6 FORKSI THINK it stands on a low pedestal foot, the pierced dome cap pushes on to the base and is very secure. Good - Shows some signs of wear, but is in otherwise good intact condition. Please contact us for a shipping quote before purchasing this item.he British system of Hallmarking and the unbroken continuity of marks over the centuries is unique and a source of great fascination for many people.Much of the charm and interest in British silver hallmarks lies in their variety and individuality.

This silverware again is quite collectible and starting to command a slight premium.This date letter changed each year and has proved to be of enormous value giving an accurate guide to the year in which an item was made.As other assay offices were established in different towns and struck their own identifying marks, it rapidly became possible to look at any piece of British silverware and find marks which show standard, town of assay, year of manufacture, and maker.The main marks in Scotland were for Edinburgh and Glasgow. This is by no means an exhaustive list and we recommend the book Jackson's Silver & Gold Marks (ISBN # 0907462634) for a more detailed analysis.As time passed, all of these smaller provincial assay offices closed down.

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