Dating someone with children brats

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You have to keep up with all of the stuff as well as keep up with how you are going to pay for it. Sorry, but this sets your kids up for problems later on in life.

Do you want them to feel like they need to always have to keep up?

The problem though, comes when the kids start to expect a certain lifestyle with nothing in return (read: they’re spoiled).

But with four kids that doesn’t happen anymore (for now). But we don’t do it to such an extent that the family finances are in jeopardy.

It isn’t healthy to put yourself at financial risk to give the kids “things.” Let your kids know you can’t afford everything. They may not like it now, but by holding back you keep your finances in better shape and you help build character in your kids.

Saving for retirement is extremely difficult when you have no money.

Having a house for your family is either tough to maintain or out of reach.

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